There Because They Care

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Tracy (KMHL) - Joleen Baumann and Dasha Mumm are two women with big hearts and a big plan. The two Sanford Registered Nurses have started a business called Kindred Spirits Care Management in the hopes of bridging the transition for patients after they leave the hospital and renew their independent life back home. “This kind of started back in August — we were just brainstorming and kind of just rolled with it,” said Baumann, who also started Operation You’re Not Forgotten during the pandemic to help residents who couldn’t be out and about. “It was just, ‘Let’s just do it.’ This is [...]

Trash piling up

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MARSHALL (KMHL)— Waste haulers from southwest Minnesota brought a total of about 59,000 tons of garbage to the Lyon County landfill in 2021. It’s an increase from past years. Even with more trash going in, the landfill is filling up about as fast as expected, said Lyon County Environmental Administrator Roger Schroeder. The current usable area of the landfill is calculated to fill up in 2024. The county will also need to prepare an application to renew its solid waste permit, which expires in July 2024. The landfill is now also serving more customers than in past years, with Redwood and [...]

Move To This Small Minnesota Town Offering Free Land (And Beer)

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Middle River (KMHL) - Free land, free beer and free cable TV for anyone who moves to this small town in northwest Minnesota?  Hunters, take note! Middle River claims itself to be the goose capital of the state, according to a story in the Star Tribune.  The city of 300 people is offering 100-by-300-foot lots complete with "a free building permit, two free years of municipal water and sewer, free electric hookup, three months of free cable TV, a $100 gift certificate to the local tavern," among other freebies.  The first couple of lots have already been snapped up. The City [...]

MNDOT Unveils Highway Construction Projects for 2022

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The Minnesota Department of Transportation has come out with the list of highway construction projects for 2022. In central Minnesota, the continuation of adding lanes to Interstate 94 between Hasty and Monticello will be taking place from April to August and will be the final year of construction on that project. Nine miles of Highway 23 from Paynesville to Richmond will become four lanes as part of the Corridors of Commerce project funding. The "North Gap" project will take two years to complete. Highway 23 east of St. Cloud will also be resurfaced. A 12 1/2-mile stretch between Foley and Milaca [...]

You can get fined for warming up your car

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There are two reasons why people idle their vehicles during the winter here in Minnesota. Some people think you need to let the engine warm-up before driving during the cold winter months to prevent any damage. The other reason people idle their vehicle is to make their commute a little more bearable by making the car’s interior warmer. One of these reasons is completely unnecessary and the other could get you a ticket if done wrong. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency says you don't unless you're driving a vintage vehicle: “Older cars, with carburetors, did need to warm up. Without warming [...]

New laws in the new year

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A new year brings a new batch of laws that officially took effect at midnight on New Year's Day in Minnesota. Some of the most notable laws that went into effect when we flipped our calendars to 2022 include: A person’s driver’s license cannot be suspended following a conviction for driving after suspension, driving after revocation or based solely on a person’s failure to pay a traffic ticket, parking fine or surcharge following a conviction for a vehicle operation or parking citation. Any member of the 11 federally recognized tribes in Minnesota is eligible for an annual state park permit for [...]

Gas prices unchanged

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Marshall (KMHL)- Minnesota gas prices are unchanged in the past week, averaging $3.07 a gallon according to Gas Buddy. Gas prices in Minnesota are 6.1 cents per gallon lower than a month ago and are 92.1 cents per gallon higher than a year ago. The national average price of gas has fallen 0.9 cents per gallon averaging $3.27. Gas Buddy says oil prices have started to rise again as omicron hasn't been as severe as initially feared, leading to optimism that perhaps oil demand will start to rise in the weeks ahead.

Marshall teen injured in Renville County crash

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MORTON (KMHL) – A 19-year-old Marshall woman was injured n a one-vehicle rollover accident on U.S. Highway 71 north of Morton last night. The Renville County Sheriff’s Office says the crash was reported to them shortly after 9:30 last night. Authorities say the driver, Maryan Ali, of Marshall, was discovered inside the vehicle which had flipped onto its roof and had to be extricated from the vehicle. Ali was taken to the Redwood Falls hospital where she was treated for her injuries. Authorities say the road was covered with snow and ice at the time of the accident.

City of Marshall survey shows high community support for more park and recreation

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MARSHALL (KMHL) - To assist with future planning opportunities, the City of Marshall hired Baker Tilly to perform a scientific random-sample survey of the City’s registered voters. The intent was to gauge the community’s support for a variety of potential improvements to the City’s parks and recreations facilities and to measure reaction to possible methods for paying the cost of such enhancements. A telephone survey was conducted by the firm in early October this year. The survey included a random sample of 303 registered voters living within the boundaries of the City of Marshall. Interviews consisted of 33 questions, with an [...]

Ralco announces new distribution center in Marshall

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MARSHALL (KMHL) - Ralco is announcing the opening of a new distribution center along Highway 23 in Marshall. According to a press release from the company, the facility will be a 37,500-square-foot center and will help consolidate two Ralco properties into one. The company says the goal is to allow more space for employee offices and product containment all in one location. "While the locations don't seem far apart, Ralco trucks transfer 10-20 loads per day between Ralco's East Complex and the old distribution center on Lake Road," said Ralco's Logistics Manager, Dave Einerson. "The elimination of those loads will save [...]

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