Minnesota FFA Star Farmer

Isaac Lendt, Sleepy Eye  

The Minnesota FFA Star Farmer is awarded to the FFA member that demonstrates the top production agriculture supervised agricultural experience in the state. The member must demonstrate outstanding achievement, active FFA participation and an exemplary scholastic record. 


Best Informed Greenhand


T-9th Ethan Evans Sleepy Eye 


4 Sleepy Eye 248 Gold 

15 Redwood Valley 213 Gold 

28 Tracy Area 173 Silver 

30 Yellow Medicine East 170 Silver 

31 Cedar Mountain 168 Silver 

59 Springfield 103 Bronze 

63 Canby 46 Bronze 


Companion Animal


6 Alexis Altmann Redwood Valley 


5 Redwood Valley Gold 

27 Wabasso Silver 

43 MACCRAY Bronze 




6 Camryn Maher Sleepy Eye Gold 




6 Redwood Valley Gold 

11 Westbrook Walnut Grove Gold 

14 Russell Tyler Ruthton Silver 

24 MACCRAY Silver 




6 Sleepy Eye Gold 

12 Marshall Gold 

14 Russell Tyler Ruthton Gold 

34 Minneota Silver 

51 Tracy Area Bronze 


Employment Skills


Ava Schoenfeld RTR Gold 


Extemporaneous Speaking  


Mary Lanoue Marshall Silver 


Farm and Agribusiness Management


2 Alex Nilles  Russell Tyler Ruthton 

3 Isaac Janish Russell Tyler Ruthton 

8 Colton Appel Russell Tyler Ruthton 


1 Russell Tyler Ruthton Gold 

19 Tracy Area Silver 

21 Minneota Silver 

39 Lakeview Bronze 


Fish & Wildlife Management


3 Redwood Valley Gold 

32 Russell Tyler Ruthton Silver 

40 Sleepy Eye Bronze 

46 MACCRAY Bronze 

52 Renville County West Bronze 

54 Lac qui Parle Valley Bronze 

56 Westbrook Walnut Grove Bronze 




10 Sleepy Eye Gold 

22 MACCRAY Silver 

28 Russell Tyler Ruthton Silver 




19 Redwood Valley Silver 

31 Tracy Area Bronze 


Horse Evaluation


20 Redwood Valley Silver 

40 Yellow Medicine East Bronze 

54 Luverne-Adrian Bronze 

57 Renville County West Bronze 


Livestock Evaluation 


7 Jacob Meidl Springfield 


5 Tracy Area Gold 

26 Lac qui Parle Valley Silver 

28 Russell Tyler Ruthton Silver 

38 Red Rock Central Silver 

42 Cedar Mountain Silver 

44 MACCRAY Silver 

45 Springfield Bronze 

54 Minneota Bronze 

61 BOLD Bronze 


Marketing Plan


6 Sleepy Eye Bronze 


Meats Evaluation & Technology


1 Sara Dwire Russell Tyler Ruthton Gold 

2 Ava Schoenfeld Russell Tyler Ruthton Gold 

3 Tucker Fiene Lakeview Gold 

4 Teegan Fiene Lakeview Gold 

10 Ella Okeefe Redwood Valley Gold 


1 Russell Tyler Ruthton Gold 

3 Lakeview Gold 

4 Westbrook Walnut Grove Gold 

6 Redwood Valley Gold 

20 Sleepy Eye Silver 


Milk Quality 


2 Megan Sellner Sleepy Eye 


4 Sleepy Eye Gold 

15 Tracy Area Gold 

41 Redwood Valley Bronze 


Poultry Evaluation 


3 Autum Labrune Russell Tyler Ruthton Gold 

4 Leonardo Fernanadez Sleepy Eye Gold 

9 Ashton Squires Tracy Area Gold 

10 Logan Ludewig Sleepy Eye Gold 


AgriScience Fair  

Sleepy Eye Which is a Better Diet for Horses? A Grain Diet or a Forage Diet? Kenedi Wersal 

Sleepy Eye Does Deshedding shampoo work better than regular shampoo for dogs? Camyrn Maher 

Sleepy Eye How Do Different Kinds of Food Affect Animals? Brianna Ziegenhagen 

Tracy Area Animal Proteins in Swine Diets. Marin Knott 

RTR Adding Food Plots & Trails Influence Deer Patterns. Olivia Lange 

Sleepy Eye Which Color Dyes the Flowers the Best? Karly Wendinger 

Sleepy Eye What Soil Depth does Corn Start to Appear Above Soil the Fastest? Ava Sellner 

Sleepy Eye How Does Light Affect Germination? Maddelynn Goldschmidt 

Sleepy Eye Which Flowers Make the Best Dye? Makayla Strong 

Sleepy Eye How Does Soil Type Affect the Growth of Plants? Keeyan Netzke &Connor Mack 

Sleepy Eye How the Depth you Plant a Seed Affects its Growth. Breanna Lopez & Mia Davila 

Sleepy Eye How Different Types of Water Affect Plant Growth. Braylon Nelson & Riley Voigt 

Sleepy Eye How Do Microwaves Affect Plant Growth? Karter Haala & John Paul Montemayor 

Sleepy Eye How Different Amounts of Water Affect Plant Growth. Ava Kunkel & Liana Kimbrough 

Sleepy Eye How the Amount of Fertilizer Effects Plant Growth. Alex Confer