REDWOOD FALLS — A Walnut Grove man will serve probation for his involvement in stealing golf carts and selling them online, according to Redwood County court records. 30-year-old Nicholas Kruse of Walnut Grove was sentenced last week.

The criminal complaint alleged Kruse was involved with the theft of two golf carts from a garage in Sanborn in August of 2022.  A Redwood County Sheriff’s deputy found one of the missing golf carts on Facebook Marketplace, however the seller told law enforcement he had purchased the golf cart on Craigslist.

The seller gave the deputy a description of the two men that sold him the golf cart, as well as their vehicle. The Sheriff’s Office later pulled over a truck and trailer matching the description. 32-year-old Scott Mitchell Birch of Walnut Grove admitted to law enforcement that he and Kruse were involved in stealing the golf carts and Kruse would sell them online.

A search was conducted at the homes of Kruse and Birch. Law enforcement recovered one of the stolen golf carts, golf bags, and clubs.

Kruse pleaded guilty to charges of third-degree burglary and theft, while an additional five counts of theft charges against Kruse were dismissed, court records said.

Birch also faces charges of third-degree burglary and six counts of theft. His omnibus hearing is set for September 11th.