If you ask a beer drinker why it tastes better cold, they’ll say “It just does.”  And they’re not wrong, but we finally have a better answer . . .

A new study figured out EXACTLY why cold beer tastes better.  It all comes down to how alcohol behaves at different temperatures.

The shape of the water and ethanol molecules makes a big difference.  Specifically, whether they’re arranged in a chain or more of a pyramid.

When beer is cold, more of the molecules arrange themselves into chains.  And when that happens, you tend to taste the ethanol a little more.

That’s a good thing because it’s slightly bitter, but also sweet.  So when we can taste the ethanol in beer a little bit, we find it more refreshing and stimulating.

They found the key temperature for an average beer is 41 degrees, which is roughly the temperature inside your fridge.  Anything above that, and it won’t taste quite as good.

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