Even if weight-loss drugs like Ozempic can work for you, you don’t get to choose WHERE they remove the pounds.

Women are reporting a new side effect that’s being referred to as unpredictable “Ozempic breasts.”  Some women say it’s making their breasts sag, others say it’s making theirs BALLOON.

Doctors say the sagging is more common, because as someone loses weight, fat tissue in their breasts also diminishes, making them smaller.

Most experts are surprised to hear that some women are having their chest GROW in size, but there are a few possible explanations . . .

Hormonal fluctuations in the body can cause temporary breast swelling or tenderness.  Or it’s possible that it’s just an OPTICAL ILLUSION . . . as people become skinnier, their breasts just appear bigger.

Either way, some women say they’re “pleasantly surprised.”  (???)

(Daily Mail)