Many people have a tight budget these days, so it’s really challenging when an unexpected expense comes up.  (Like when the family pack of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups is on sale.)

The WORST is car repairs.  The average American admits they ignore their “check engine” light for FOUR MONTHS before addressing it.  And 20% will put it off even longer, between six and 18 months.

Of course, delaying it can make it worse.  35% of people have regretted putting car care off, and the reasons why include:  The problem expanding and becoming more expensive . . . the emotional stress they’ve endured . . . and even experiencing a roadside emergency.

When asked which car repairs stress people out the most, problems with the engine were #1.  Issues with the brakes were next . . . followed by problems with the fuel system . . . the exhaust system . . . the tires . . . and the AC or heat.

The average person spends $438 on car maintenance every year . . . and estimates that they’ve spent around $6,300 in total servicing their current car.