ST. PAUL (KMHL) – Lawmakers in the Minnesota House and Senate announce an agreement on the Insulin Affordability Act which has been stuck since the last legislative session.

The legislation ensures that Minnesotans have access to affordable insulin if they face an emergency, with insulin manufacturers participating in the solution.

“The Insulin Affordability Act will ensure that Minnesotans  who are in need of insulin can get it at an affordable price,” said Rep. Mike Howard (D – Richfield) the chief author of the legislation in the House. “Never again will a Minnesotan lose their life because they can’t afford the insulin they need to survive.”

The bill was officially named the Alec Smith Insulin Affordability Act – after Alec Smith, who passed away because he was unable to afford insulin.

“Our family is grateful for the hard work and dedication from members of the Minnesota Legislature who have worked hard side-by-side with the MNinsulin4all advocates to finally create a bill that will save lives,” said Nicole Smith-Holt and James Holt in a statement on Wednesday. “Alec’s death has led us down a path that will ultimately lead to saving the lives of others who are in an emergency situation. Our deepest gratitude goes to those who believe in our mission. Thank you.”

Lawmakers could pass the bill when they return to the floor.