Kellie Pickler took the stage on Monday night for the first time since her husband, Kyle Jacobs, died by suicide last year.  They got married in 2011.  He was a singer/songwriter as well, and they starred together in the CMT show called “I Love Kellie Pickler”.

Kellie came back to the Ryman auditorium to perform on Monday night in an all-star tribute to Patsy Cline.  When they announced Kellie’s name, she got a standing ovation.

Kellie said, “I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was not incredibly nervous right now.  It’s been the first time I’ve been up on stage in a while.  I will say that I am incredibly honored to be a part of honoring Ms. Patsy Cline.  She’s a huge reason why I fell in love with music.”

She then went on to perform her song “The Woman I Am”, which pays tribute to Patsy.

But before she began, she said, “My husband and I actually wrote this song together, over a decade ago.  The last time I was here at the Ryman was with him on a date night.  And I know he is here with us tonight.”

(The Independent)

(You can check out the video of her performing, here.)