Morgan Wallen’s big court date is today in Nashville and apparently, he won’t even be there.  (But when will the chair get to face his abuser?)  According to his attorney, Morgan is waiving his right to appear in court.  Which is a fancy way of him saying, “I’m out.  This is gonna suck.”

It’s also convenient for him because he started a three-night tour stop at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville last night, and it continues tonight and tomorrow night.

And nobody wants to be hungover in court, they want to be hungover on their own couch.  Besides, judges are a bummer . . .

What do y’all think is gonna happen to him?  He didn’t even have to show face in court, so my guess is he gets off scot-free.  Maybe some community service hours?  Although it would be nice if he got punished a little bit so as to deter people from this behavior in the future.

(In honor of Morgan’s big moment in court today . . . that he won’t be there for . . . here he is auditioning for season 6 of “The Voice” in 2014.  Look at how far he’s come.)