ST. PAUL (LEARFIELD) – Republican candidate for governor Scott Jensen is using the ‘Feeding our Future’ fraud scheme to go after Governor Tim Walz. Jensen is calling for former Legislative Auditor James Nobles to investigate the Walz administration’s involvement in what he calls “the cover-up” of the 250-million-dollar scandal.

“So I would ask that we call for a special investigator to give a report by October 17th so that Minnesotans can chew on it,” said Jensen. “And then at the debates on October 18th and 28th we can a conversation including that topic.”

Jensen’s push comes after a judge said Friday that he never ordered the Department of Education to continue payments to Feeding our Future.

“It is clear from… evidence that Tim Walz and his administration have engaged in a cover-up,” accused Jensen. “Someone’s not telling the truth. Minnesotans deserve to know why… 250 million dollars is the floor.”

Attorney General Keith Ellison said the F-B-I did not want the state to do anything to tip off Feeding our Future that it was under investigation.

Jensen and running mate, Matt Birk, also called for State Education Commissioner Heather Mueller to resign.