MARSHALL – The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) has confirmed the presence of emerald ash borer (EAB) in Lyon County for the first time. Officials say a homeowner contacted the City of Marshall about a possible EAB infestation and state ag staff were able to find larvae and collect samples. 

The MDA is enacting an emergency quarantine in Lyon County, which limits the movement of firewood and ash material out of the area. The MDA issues quarantines for all areas known to have EAB to reduce the risk of further spreading the tree-killing insect. 

Marshall Mayor Bob Byrnes held a press conference with Preston Stensrud, Park and Recreation Superintendent to discuss the issue. “As we know ash is the predominant species of tree that is planted in the community, probably over half of the trees in the cities are ash trees and the emerald ash borer will destroy all of the ash regardless of which ash species they are,” Byrnes said.

Stensrud said the city has been preparing for this. “Last year in 2022, we removed 113 ash trees and planted over 220 new trees.”

A virtual informational meeting for residents and tree care professionals in Lyon County will be held on Wednesday, July 19, 2023. Experts from the MDA will give a brief presentation followed by a question-and-answer session. Register at