MARSHALL – The City of Marshall is offering financial incentives to city residents if they purchase new water-softening systems. This is to meet wastewater permit discharge requirements, protect the Redwood River aquatic environment, and help save residents money. Thanks to a grant program funded by the Minnesota Environmental and Natural Resources Trust Fund, and administered by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, water-softening professionals can optimize Marshall residents’ water softeners for free.  

Residents that have softeners that are 15 years old or older are eligible for a rebate up to $700 for new water softener installations by participating water softening companies. 

For more information or to sign up, contact a city-approved water softening contractor to inspect your softener. If the water softener can be optimized, have the contractor complete the adjustment. If it is eligible for replacement, you may have that contractor complete the installation or get additional bids from the approved contractor list. More information and approved contractors can be found at or by calling 507-537-6776. If your softener is replaced, receiving your rebate is as simple as filling out the application on the website and submitting the required documents.