(KMHL) MARSHALL, MN – The Marshall Area YMCA pool has reopened.  Associate Executive Director, Jessica Dahms, details the project.  “We did spend $325,000 to renovate our aquatic facility.  We had a little hiccup earlier this week as a couple of the pumps that circulate water to the pool went down.  Unfortunately, our reopening was delayed but I’m happy to report that the pool is now open.”  Dahms says YMCA members have been able to use other community pool facilities during the renovation.  “We want to give a huge thank you to southwest Minnesota State university who allowed our members to use their pool while our pool was shut down.”  She adds the Y is planning a community celebration to mark the reopening.  “We do have a luau schedule on February 28th.  There’s a morning time and an evening time so hopefully the whole community can come out and help us celebrate.”  The Marshall Area YMCA and pool are open to YMCA members.  To learn more about the project, click here.  For more on the luau, click here.