Marshall (KMHL) – With many applying for the job, the Marshall School Board members on Monday decided not to interview any new candidates and offer Jeremy Williams a permanent superintendent position.

Williams previously served as director of teaching and learning at MPS, and over the years has also served as assistant principal of MATEC and Marshall High School, and as principal of West Side Elementary. In May of this year, Williams accepted an interim superintendent contract after former MPS superintendent Scott Monson stepped down for a different job offer.

The Marshall Public School received 11 applicants for the position, and the agenda for Monday night’s school board meeting was to narrow it down to 3 candidates. However, Bill Swope stepped in and swayed the discussion to a different light.

“I recommend we offer the position to Jeremy Williams. Jeremy is a proven person in our school district,” Swope said.

Swope and other board members had worked with Williams for years and pointed out how respected he was in the Public school community and also the connection he has had with the school district.

The board voted 5-1 in favor of suspending the superintendent search and offering the position to Williams.