This is really adding INSULT to INJURY.

A cleaning company in California called Pink Sponge Cleaning owns a fleet of 25 bright pink-colored Volkswagen Bugs . . . and early Saturday morning there was a break-in at the lot and they were vandalized.

The owner reviewed security camera footage and saw at least three teens wreaking havoc . . . blasting a fire extinguisher, etching into the cars’ paint, and “breaking every headlight they could.”  But it wasn’t just that.

The footage showed two female teens TWERKING on the hoods of the Bugs . . . for whatever reason . . . maybe because they KNEW it would be on camera?

The owner said the teens were desecrating the cars “for hours.”  She didn’t specify how much of that was spent twerking.

The teens caused around $25,000 in damage, and the company launched a GoFundMe, because their insurance claim was denied . . . apparently because they had a previous incident of vandalism.  (It’s unclear if the twerking happened that time too, or if that was a new addition.)

The police noticed that the etchings included GANG SIGNS, which helped lead them to a 15-year-old suspect, who they arrested for felony vandalism.  The investigation is still ongoing.


(Here’s a video news report on the story, which shows the TWERKING footage.)