Morgan Wallen did his best rockstar-tantrum impression late Sunday night when he hucked a chair off of a six-story roof.  Luckily no one was hurt . . . except for the beating his ego is taking today on the internet.

And rightfully so, can you imagine if he had badly hurt someone?  Like dude, just go out into the woods and throw chairs wherever you want.

The only celeb so far to chime in was John Rich.  He said, “I can’t help but recall all the destructive, crazy things I did early on in my career.  The combo of intense pressure, expectations, and over the top success is a dangerous cocktail.”

John went on to say he was rooting for Morgan, but he warned him that, quote, “It takes a lifetime to build what he’s built, and ONE SECOND to destroy it.”

Here are the best internet reactions out there:

1.  “Gonna tell Morgan Wallen what my teacher used to tell me . . . keep all four on the floor.”

2.  “Morgan Wallen was charged with three felonies and not a single one of them was for that haircut.”

3.  “I just know Morgan Wallen’s PR team is tired.”

4.  Someone posted the famous clip of Bobby Knight chucking a chair across the basketball court and it says, “Morgan Wallen after two vodka cranberries and a White Claw.”

5.  And in a similar vein, there’s one from “Mission Impossible” where Tom Cruise throws a chair through an office window.  The caption reads, “Morgan Wallen after the Appletini hits.”

6.  Finally, in possibly the most serious burn of all, quote, “Beyoncé is #1 on the country charts.  Morgan Wallen is #1015626 at the Davidson County Sherriff’s Department.”