MARSHALL (KMHL) – The city of Marshall received a charitable contribution of $3,000 from the Somali Community in response to COVID-19.

According to a press release from the city, more than 100 members of the Somali Community came together to raise the funds, with the goal of supporting the city and its residents during this time.

“As we battle COVID-19 our Somali Community in Marshall have come together and asked ourselves what can we do as citizens of this great City of Marshall we all love and call home,” said Mohamed Ahmed, local Somali Community Leader. “We all need to come together and help each other in any way we can because we are all in this together.”

They presented a check to city officials yesterday at Liberty Park in downtown Marshall.

“I am amazed at the thoughtfulness of our Marshall Somali Community,” said Marshall Mayor Bob Byrnes on Wednesday. “This is incredible.”

Byrnes said he is looking for ways to utilize the donation so it will have the greatest impact for our city and the residents of Marshall.