An effort has been started by the Reopen Minnesota Coalition group to try to convince small businesses across Minnesota to open-up in defiance of Governor Tim Walz’s executive order.  Darius Teichroew of Maple Grove is a spokesman for the group.  He says they want business owners to open starting next week.

Teichroew says that they have a two phased plan, stating, “We’ve basically got a two-phased plan where we re-open more of the rural Minnesota businesses next Wednesday and then following that on Friday the 18th more of the metro area businesses open up.”

Business owners can head to the group’s Facebook page and click on a link where they can sign a petition to open early. Teichroew says so far, they have about 80 businesses signed-up, with the goal of getting up to over 200.  The businesses who have signed up will not be recognized until the night before they open next week.

“What we want to avoid is getting that public knowledge out ahead of time so he [Walz] cannot stop them from opening. He will only have to be reactive, not proactive. And for those that agree to publicize their names, we’re going to announce the list the night before these openings.” Teichrowe said.

As for the current executive orders that is in effect for places like bars, restaurants and gyms, Governor Walz is expected to announce this week whether he’ll extend the order.