George Strait revealed this last week, but it turns out a handful of people heard about it a little early . . .

He and Parker McCollum have a big show at Texas A&M’s Kyle Field on June 15th.  Fellow Texan Catie Offerman will also be there.

George announced it on Instagram last Tuesday.  But ESPN’s Pat McAfee revealed that a roomful of people in Indiana heard about it 11 days early . . . and had Peyton Manning to thank.  (???)

On March 8th, Peyton hosted a big fundraiser gala for the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis.  Pat was there, and so was Parker.

On his YouTube show, Pat said that Peyton was doing a Q&A with them when he went off script and said to Parker, “You’re also doing a show with George Strait down at Texas A&M right?”  Parker said it hadn’t been announced yet . . . but yes.

Peyton was apparently VERY apologetic backstage.  He yelled at himself, “Just stick to the [effing] script, Peyton!”

(Whiskey Riff)