WORTHINGTON (KMHL) – The Emerald Ash Borer’s discovery in Nobles County means everyone in southwest Minnesota will need to do a better job of not transporting firewood.

It is the first time the tree-killing pest has been discovered in the region. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s Angie Amborne  says human transportation of firewood is the most common way it spreads.

“The next closest county to Nobles County is Martin County along the I-90 corridor that is to be expected,” said Amborne. “We have seen a fair bit of the insect spreading along the major roadways such as interstates.”

Amborne adds that people need to make sure they only buy firewood where they intend to burn it.

“More than likely when we see big jumps like that, like a full county-wide jump, more than likely it was moved by humans,” said Amborne.

Nobles County has been placed in an emergency quarantine by the Department of Agriculture