MARSHALL (KMHL) – There are still significant challenges in the testing for COVID-19.

Many providers still do not have enough tests available so they have to save the ones they have for the most emergent cases – and many of the tests still aren’t accurate.

Avera-Marshall Chief of Staff, Dr. Steven Meister says they are reserving tests for those most in need, including the elderly with underlying health conditions and front-line health care providers. But in addition he notes the test isn’t perfect either.

“It’ll say you’re negative, and in 30 percent of those people it’s actually a positive test,” said Meister. “We just don’t think the test is sensitive enough to pick up the viral load early in the course of the disease.”

Meister says in many cases people can tell they don’t feel right before the test can identify those individuals as positive for it.

He encourages people to continue social distancing, and frequently washing their hands with soap and water. Meister says the virus is very susceptible to soap and water.