Having someone drive you to the airport is a big ask now that we’ve all got Uber.  So, it takes a good friend to do it.

Lainey Wilson just headed off to Australia for a string of concerts this month.  And Keith Urban dropped her at the airport.

She posted a video of them driving, where he teases her about all the wildlife that could KILL her . . . like redback spiders that “love toilet seats.”  (Here’s the clip.)

So are Lainey and Keith such good friends they drive each other to the airport now?  Or . . . maybe Keith’s moonlighting as an Uber driver?  Probably not.

The end of the video might be the REAL reason he drove her.  They hug at the airport, and she says she’s excited to go visit his home.  Then he says, “I wish I could go home again” . . . and adds, “Ooh, that’s a good song title.”

Keith recently talked about a “duet” on his next album that’s been under wraps since last summer.  So maybe it’s with Lainey and they just revealed the name:  “I Wish I Could Go Home Again”.  (After Midnite / American Songwriter)