Jelly Roll sure knows how to get clicks.  All you have to do is question the manhood of beer-drinkers, and you’ll get all kinds of hot takes.  We just came across an interview from a few months ago where Jelly Roll made this very bold claim, that’s sure to ruffle a few feathers.


Jelly said, “I’ve always looked at beer as men’s version of wine.  It’s kind of like something, you know, girls would do.”  (I don’t know about you, but them’st fighting words.)


He went on to say, “When a dude’s like oh I drank 10 beers, I’m like ‘Or you could’ve drank three shots like a real man.'”


What’s funny is that later in the interview, his wife Bunnie XO threw him under the bus and said he can’t drink beer because it “makes his tummy hurt.”


Jelly Roll apparently has a gluten allergy and has NEVER had a beer.   He admitted, “Very few things are more embarrassing than my wife [saying publicly] about her husband, ‘His tummy hurts.'”


(Here’s the clip about beer drinking not being manly enough.  PROFANITY WARNING:  You can check out the whole video, here.)  (Whiskey Riff)