Jelly Roll is the perfect example of how you should live your life once you’ve hit celebrity status.  He’s using his time and money for GOOD.  Case in point, he just built a music studio inside the Davidson County Juvenile Jail, a place where he spent a lot of time growing up.

He teamed up with a non-profit called “Beat for Life” that “aims to create songwriting and music programs for vulnerable populations across the country.”  Also in attendance was the Mayor of Nashville, plus 35 hit songwriters.

Jelly said, “I never would’ve dreamed when I was sitting right there that I would one day come back and introduce the studio and all these songwriters would come out to support the cause and the [effing] Mayor would introduce me.”

This got a huge laugh, then he said, “I would never guess this.  It wasn’t in my bingo card in life.”

But this all means more to him than we might ever know.  He said later, “When I was in juvenile, we never got a visitor.  We never had a mentor . . . nobody ever came to see us.”

He also performed for the incarcerated kids, who then got to sit down with songwriters and write their own songs.  And then if they wanted, they had the opportunity to showcase them to the whole room.

(Country Now)