MARSHALL (KMHL) – The loss of a major market for recycling products is one of the reasons that could be contributing to the rising expense for haulers to pick up recyclables curbside.

The issue has resulted in Lyon County Commissioners discontinuing curbside service after rates came back much higher than expected for the service to continue.

“Recycling used to have value,” said Lyon County Environmental Administrator Roger Schroeder in an interview with Marshall Radio. “For example, DEMCON recycling in the cities, used to pay up to – even a year and a half ago – they were offering a $50 per ton rebate on the sale of recyclable materials. Now we have to pay $38 per ton.”

Schroeder says some people want to blame Trump or blame China for the problem, because China used to be a major buyer of U.S. recyclable products, but is no longer purchasing the material.

He notes that now there’s a glut of recycled material on the market.

“The collection of recycling doesn’t have any financial compensation to offset what it costs to go curbside to pick it up,” said Schroeder.

Lyon County will continue allow residents to recycle, but the county will shift recycling to drop-off sites located around the county.

“The finances are driving the decision,” said Lyon County Administrator Loren Stomberg. “It costs about $250 a ton to recycle as opposed to about $46 dollars a ton to take garbage to the landfill, which is unfortunate.”

Stomberg said the county is hopeful this will be a temporary solution. Stomberg said they are hopeful to begin curbside pickup again, but admits he doesn’t know a timeline for it.

Curbside service will come to an end September 27.