ST. PAUL (LEARFIELD) – The 2020 Minnesota Legislature begins in three weeks and the top Republican in the House says, use part of the 1.3-billion-dollar surplus to repeal the medical provider tax — the “sick tax.”

“They raised taxes on Minnesotans health care – every Minnesotans health care, by about $1 billion,” said Daudt. “I’d like to get rid of that.”

Governor Tim Walz fought hard in 2019 to keep the provider tax and said in December that a repeal is “not happening.”

“Really, at this point in time, this is where we’re at,” said Gov. Walz. “Understanding that what all of the economists, what all of the greater Minnesota health care providers said and the catastrophic impact that would have both on families and delivery, no!”

Senate Republican Leader Paul Gazelka (guh-ZEL-cuh) says he doubts whether either the medical provider tax — or Democrats’ proposed gas tax increase — will be revisited this year.