ST. PAUL (KMHL) – Gov. Tim Walz issued a stay at home order for Minnesotans through April 10th.

The governor issued the order today that will limit movements for Minnesotans outside of the home.

During his press conference the Governor said the goal is to push the peak amount of infections from the COVID-19 virus and to build up the health care infrastructure to help keep the amount of deaths down.

“We must take bold action to save the lives of Minnesotans,” said Gov. Walz. “Having served as a Command Sergeant Major in the Army National Guard, I know the importance of having a plan. While the virus will still be here when this order ends, this action will slow the spread of COVID-19 and give Minnesota time to ready for battle.”

As part of his announcement, Walz said essential businesses and services will remain open and people can leave the home to get groceries and gas and to go for walks or runs.

Walz also announced that bars and restaurants would remain closed, while public schools would operate under their distance learning plans through May 1.