ST. PAUL (LEARFIELD) – COVID-19 cases are surging around the country and in Minnesota and Governor Tim Walz is expected to announce new state strategies very soon.

Walz says expanded testing and continuing to wear masks and social distance will help, and he argues taking these steps is not a political act.

“We do not need to accept that this is the position that we need to be in,” said Walz. “And the false choice that it’s the economy versus health is absolutely ludicrous,” said Walz.

The governor added that they have known all along that if “we want the economy to work we need to contain the virus.”

Walz added that he does not want to shut the state back down, but hinted at more surgical, precise actions aimed at containing COVID-19.

He announced Monday that 11 new barrier-free COVID-19 saliva testing sites are going to be opening up in Minnesota.

The testing will be free and available to Minnesotans, even if they don’t have insurance.