MARSHALL – The City of Marshall is seeking members for the Rental Ordinance Committee (ROC). The online application process for citizens interested in serving on the committee is now open.  Paper applications can be completed by calling the City Clerk at 507-537-6760.

Those interested in serving on the committee must submit their application by May 5th at 4:30 p.m. Committee members must be voters of the city of Marshall and will be appointed by the mayor.

Members of the ROC will be expected to study effective ways to better ensure life and safety compliance with rental properties and explore ways to regulate the practice of short-term rentals. The ROC will consider an alternative enforcement process as presented by the City Attorney, which can provide an alternative method of enforcement for city code violations rather than relying on the criminal court system. The committee will also be responsible for reviewing and engaging in discussion for a drafted, proposed, revised, or new ordinance regarding rental property in the city.

Presentations to the city council are expected if requested. Members will serve on the Rental Ordinance Committee for a period of no more than one year. If you have any questions, call Marshall City Administrator Sharon Hanson at 507-537-6761.