Feeling burnt out at work?  You hide it well.


A new poll found most bosses think their employees are doing great when it comes to avoiding burn-out at work.  But when you ask the employees, you get a very different answer.


89% of managers said they think their workers are “thriving” right now, but only 24% of those employees agree.  76% said they’re burnt out, or just don’t care about their job.


In other words, 9 in 10 bosses think everyone’s loving it.  But in reality, most people kind of dread going to work.


The poll found the top three things currently causing burn-out are constant changes, too much busy work, and high turnover.


The top thing bosses can do to help is CARE about you in a real way.  Among the 24% of workers who said they’re thriving, the top reason they gave was, “My manager is invested in my success.”


And here’s one thing you and your boss probably DO align on:  63% of managers said they’re currently burnt out too.