Chances are, you’ve had STICKER SHOCK over a tax bill at some point, or maybe it’s an annual surprise.  But no one has had it THIS bad.

A man in Pennsylvania named Barry Tangert got two pieces of tax information in the mail last week:

First, there was a refund check from the federal government for $900.  The second one was a tax bill . . . saying that he owed the state $34 BILLION.  That’s billion with a B.  To be exact, he owed $34,576,826,561.47.

Barry says he had a feeling there MIGHT have been a “blunder” . . . especially since he makes less than $100,000 a year.

Earlier this year, Barry’s tax preparer noticed a mistake on his 2022 return, and filed an amendment.  He doesn’t know how the $34 billion error was made . . . if the tax preparer made a mistake, or if there was a glitch in the tax system.

In any event, he WAS able to get through to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, and get the situation resolved.  They said it was an isolated incident that involved “the wrong numbers being inputted.”