Many artists & designers try to push the envelope to create the next BIG design, trend, or idea. But then there’s this, an insane price tag attached to a look you could replicate for the price of 8 to 10 beers coupled with not using the bathroom before lying down…

A designer clothing brand in the U.K. called Jordanluca just debuted pre-stained jeans that make it look like you PEED YOUR PANTS.(???)  Because nothing says designer like trying to look like you actually do something in your jeans, other than sit on a couch counting your dollar bills.  (Here’s a photo.)

They made their runway debut last fall and immediately sold out when they hit their website.  That’s despite selling them for the insane price of $810! Which of course we all have lying around, if only they hadn’t sold out.

They have a lighter wash too where the stain’s not so obvious.  More of an “I peed my pants YESTERDAY” look for when you want to be subtle.  (Here’s a photo.) 

That version was on sale for around $600, but they’re now sold out too.  So if you want the look, you’ll just have to do it the old-fashioned way. For everyone else, just rest easy knowing you have enough sense to NOT spend $810 on “designer” pee-stain jeans.

(NY Post)

(Here’s the “peeing your pants is cool” scene from “Billy Madison”.)