If you’ve always wanted to be rich, living in West Virginia might be your best bet.  (???)

A new report looked at how much you’d need to earn to be “rich” in all 50 states.  They defined it as being in the top 5% of earners in your state.

The lowest threshold is in West Virginia, where you need to earn $329,000 a year to be “rich.”  Mississippi is next at $334,000, and then New Mexico at $353,000.

The most expensive state to be rich in is Connecticut at $656,000 a year.  So, almost double the earnings required in West Virginia.

After that, it’s New York at $621,000, and Massachusetts at $617,000 a year.

Thanks to inflation and other factors, you need to earn a lot more to be rich than you used to.  The report found people in that 5% are making around 30% more than they did in 2017.