WORTHINGTON (KMHL) – The Department of Natural Resources has confirmed the capture of a silver carp in southwest Minnesota’s Nobles County.

Officials say the invasive carp was caught in the Ocheyedan River, about 100 yards from the Iowa border.

“While this is the first silver carp capture in southwestern Minnesota it is not entirely unexpected,” said DNR invasive fish coordinator Nick Frohnauer. “High water this year likely aided the fish in getting this far upstream. Fortunately, the Lake Bella dam prevents invasive carp from swimming further upstream.”

Officials say the silver carp captured in Minnesota was a 28.8 inch male weighing 9.4 pounds.

Frohnauer noted that while the DNR continues to be very concerned about potential impacts of invasive carp in Minnesota waters, individual adult fish captures do not indicate reproduction or an established population of invasive carp.

Invasive carp have been progressing upstream since escaping into the lower Mississippi River in the 1970s.