CURRIE (KMHL) – The Minnesota Agricultural and Rural Leadership program is leaving for Cambodia today.

Currie resident Krista Kopperud, is in the class and is heading on the trip. She says they’ve been preparing for the trip for months.

“I have been looking forward to this trip since last June, even before,” said Kopperud. “We found out last June when we were all in Duluth and ever since that we’ve been preparing individually and as a group to head over there.”

Kopperud says they’ll study each country’s domestic policies, cultures and customs. In all, around 28 people are going on the trip to Cambodia and Taiwan.

“I really am looking forward to learning more about the culture itself, agricultural practices and just really trying to be in the now and just take these things in,” said Kopperud.

She added they’d be meeting with members of the U.S. Embassy of Foreign Ag Service, a deputy prime minister for the development of Cambodia and tour Cambodian school.

In addition Kopperud said they would be looking at organic farms in Taiwan and learning more about that culture as well.

The class is expected to return from the trip on March 1.