The Best Commercials of Super Bowl 58

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The Super Bowl was back on CBS this year.  A 30-second ad cost the same as last year . . . $7 MILLION.  Many of yesterday's ads were sadly released ahead of time, so there wasn't much surprise.  But they're still fun to watch. Here's a round-up of the best ads:   1.  Ben Affleck wants to show Jennifer Lopez what he can do in music and recruits Matt Damon and Tom Brady for a boy band called the DunKings.  Jack Harlow is in it, too.  Dunkin' will be releasing a DunKings menu today, along with merch.         2.  Beyoncé did an ad for Verizon where she tries different ways to break the Internet.  At the end, she announced [...]

Super Bowl 58: By the Numbers

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Here are all the useless facts that you need . . . or don't need . . . to know in order to enjoy the Super Bowl on Sunday: 1.  Six:  Number of Super Bowl appearances by the Kansas City Chiefs, counting this year's game.  (3 wins.) 2.  Eight:  Number of Super Bowl appearances by the San Francisco 49ers.  (5 wins.) 3.  One:  Previous Super Bowl meeting between Chiefs and Niners.  Super Bowl 54 . . . Chiefs won 31 to 20. 4.  71,835:  Number of fans expected at Allegiant Stadium. 5.  $1.1 billion:  Expected boost to the local economy. 6.  $275:  Projected spending per Super Bowl [...]

Lay’s Has an Awesome “Groundhog Day”-Themed Ad Campaign Running Today

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Forget about the Super Bowl.  The best ad campaign is actually running TODAY.  The ads are for Lay's potato chips, and they're a takeoff on the movie "Groundhog Day" . . . you know, since it IS Groundhog Day. There are eight of them, and they feature a guy stuck in a time loop where he keeps going up to the same grocery store cashier to buy Lay's chips, and the same thing keeps happening. The only difference is that each time, he has a different flavor. And to make it even more amazing, the customer is played by Stephen Tobolowsky . . . who [...]

Taylor Swift Super Bowl Prop Bets

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This year's Super Bowl prop bets have a brand-new element.  Let's just call it the Taylor Swift Factor.  Yes, there are already Taylor Swift Super Bowl prop bets being offered.  Like these:   1.  Will Travis Kelce propose to Taylor after the game?  There's only about an 8% chance of this happening.  Partly because he probably wouldn't do it after a loss, and the Chiefs are the underdogs on February 11th.   2.  Will Taylor be shown during the national anthem?  There's a 66.67% chance of this, not surprisingly.   3.  Will the MVP of the game mention Taylor?  There's only about a 22% chance of that, [...]

The Rock Is Now on the Board at WWE, and “Raw” Is Moving to Netflix

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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson showed up on WWE "Monday Night Raw"a few weeks ago, and teased a return to the ring.  But it turns out something even BIGGER was in the works. The Rock has joined the board of directors at TKO, the company that owns both WWE and the UFC.  He says, quote, "I'm very humbled to have a seat at the table that has decades of history and family legacy for me.  A table that my family helped to build." As part of the deal, he also gets $30 million in stock and the full rights to his nickname, "The Rock".  WWE [...]

NFL Playoff Action: Jason Kelce Totally Upstaged Taylor Swift

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If you're tired of seeing Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes embrace after every Kansas City Chiefs touchdown . . . I think you got your antidote to that last night. Jason Kelce . . . whose Philadelphia Eagles were eliminated last weekend . . . was also in the Chiefs' box for last night's win against the Buffalo Bills.  And he was AMAZING. When Patrick Mahomes connected with his brother Travis for a touchdown, there was Jason:  Shirtless, puffing out his hairy, barrel-shaped body, and bellowing like a Viking with a can of Labatt's Blue Light in one hand. At one point he even hopped out of the luxury box to pound [...]

If You’d Like to Have 52 Date Nights at Applebee’s This Year, There’s an Exciting Deal for You

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We're less than a month away from Valentine's Day, and your significant other may already be dropping hints.  And if they're hinting that they'd like to go to Applebee's a LOT this year, there's an exciting deal for you! Applebee's will be selling a "Date Night Pass" for $200 starting next Monday . . . while supplies last. You'll get a card that's good for one year, that gives you $30 for food and non-alcoholic drinks . . . on every visit.  You can only use it once per day. So basically, you'd have to go at least SEVEN times to [...]

A Football Fan’s Wife Turned His Gameday Reactions into Bingo

2024-01-12T03:45:54-06:00January 12th, 2024|Categories: KARL, KARZ, KKCK, KNSG|

Is your spouse a football mega-fan, but you're not?  Here's a fun way to get through the NFL playoffs while also MOCKING them for it . . . A woman in Frisco, Texas named Makenzie Waters made a list of her husband's go-to reactions when he watches the Cowboys, like making the "first down" gesture, or yelling "let's go" . . . and she turned them into a Bingo card. She made it a drinking game, so she takes a drink each time she crosses one off.  A video of it blew up on TikTok this week after ESPN shared it.  Here are a [...]

More than a Third of Americans Don’t Care Who Wins the Super Bowl

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We're about a month away from Super Bowl 58, so it's time for some predictions.  A little over 6,000 Americans were polled yesterday on which teams they WANT to win and who they THINK will win. Well, 35% say they DON'T CARE who wins and 9% say they're not sure who they want to win.  But here are the five most popular teams: 1.  Dallas Cowboys:  7% 2.  Detroit Lions:  6% 3.  TIE: Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers:  5% 5.  TIE:  Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, Green Bay Packers, Los Angeles Rams, and Miami Dolphins:  4%   Now as far as which team people THINK will win . . . [...]

Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots Have Parted Ways

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Bill Belichick has parted ways with the New England Patriots, after 24 years as head coach . . . which is the fifth-longest tenure in NFL history. The decision was reportedly mutual, and Patriots owner Robert Kraft said that what Belichick achieved in New England will, quote, "never be duplicated." Still, the Patriots' slide to the bottom of the AFC in the four years since Tom Brady left was definitely a factor in Kraft being willing to let him go. Belichick said he's going to "move on," but there's no word yet where he'll end up.  But he added, quote, "This is a day of gratitude [...]

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