Is your spouse a football mega-fan, but you’re not?  Here’s a fun way to get through the NFL playoffs while also MOCKING them for it . . .

A woman in Frisco, Texas named Makenzie Waters made a list of her husband’s go-to reactions when he watches the Cowboys, like making the “first down” gesture, or yelling “let’s go” . . . and she turned them into a Bingo card.

She made it a drinking game, so she takes a drink each time she crosses one off.  A video of it blew up on TikTok this week after ESPN shared it.  Here are a few of the squares she came up with . . .

1.  He makes a “touchdown gesture.”

2.  He pretends to throw a flag.

3.  He yells, “GET HIM!”

4.  “Quiet clap”

5.  He yells, “WHYYYY!?”

6.  “Head down, eyes closed.”

7.  He yells, “What are we DOING?”

8.  He gets up and “walks down the hall.”

9.  “Crosses arms”

10.  “Aggressively pets dog”


If you get a Bingo, you have to chug the rest of your drink.

(Fox News / KDFW)

(Here’s the video, and here’s a photo of the Bingo card.)