This year’s Super Bowl prop bets have a brand-new element.  Let’s just call it the Taylor Swift Factor.  Yes, there are already Taylor Swift Super Bowl prop bets being offered.  Like these:


1.  Will Travis Kelce propose to Taylor after the game?  There’s only about an 8% chance of this happening.  Partly because he probably wouldn’t do it after a loss, and the Chiefs are the underdogs on February 11th.


2.  Will Taylor be shown during the national anthem?  There’s a 66.67% chance of this, not surprisingly.


3.  Will the MVP of the game mention Taylor?  There’s only about a 22% chance of that, because it would almost HAVE TO be Travis for this to happen.  And he only has the FOURTH best odds to get that honor.


He’s behind, in this order, Patrick MahomesBrock Purdy, and Christian McCaffrey.