We’re about a month away from Super Bowl 58, so it’s time for some predictions.  A little over 6,000 Americans were polled yesterday on which teams they WANT to win and who they THINK will win.

Well, 35% say they DON’T CARE who wins and 9% say they’re not sure who they want to win.  But here are the five most popular teams:

1.  Dallas Cowboys:  7%

2.  Detroit Lions:  6%

3.  TIE: Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers:  5%

5.  TIE:  Baltimore RavensBuffalo BillsGreen Bay PackersLos Angeles Rams, and Miami Dolphins:  4%


Now as far as which team people THINK will win . . . well, 47% aren’t sure.  Here are the five fan favorites:

1.  TIE:  Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers:  8%

3.  Kansas City Chiefs:  6%

4.  Dallas Cowboys:  5%

5.  TIE:  Detroit Lions and Los Angeles Rams:  4%

The game airs live Sunday, February 11th at 6:30 p.m. Eastern on CBS and Paramount+.


(You can see the poll results here and here.)