We’re less than a month away from Valentine’s Day, and your significant other may already be dropping hints.  And if they’re hinting that they’d like to go to Applebee’s a LOT this year, there’s an exciting deal for you!

Applebee’s will be selling a “Date Night Pass” for $200 starting next Monday . . . while supplies last.

You’ll get a card that’s good for one year, that gives you $30 for food and non-alcoholic drinks . . . on every visit.  You can only use it once per day.

So basically, you’d have to go at least SEVEN times to make your money back, but you can use it up to 52 times through January 31st of 2025 . . . so it could max out at $1,560 in discounts.

If you subtract the $200 you paid for it, that’s $1,360 in savings . . . however, it doesn’t include tax, tip, and fees . . . so even if you order carefully to not go over $30, you’re paying SOMETHING.