A Town in Ohio Is Being Plagued . . . with People Leaving Thousands of Dollars in Public Bathrooms?

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There's a town in Ohio called Marysville, which is getting some press for the money they put into their public restrooms.  There's nothing special about the amenities . . . the money is LITERAL CASH.  (???) A couple weeks ago, more than $25,000 was found in a public bathroom at the Avalon Theatre, a performing arts venue in Marysville.  Less than a week later, more than $12,000 was found in a public bathroom at a KFC, also in the same town. The police say the cash was hidden in both cases . . . so it wasn't left there accidentally.  In the [...]

The States That Are the “Most Normal” Are . . . Illinois and Florida?

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We're always seeing reports about the U.S. states with the highest THIS and the lowest THAT.  Or the best states for THIS and the worst states for THAT.  But what about the middle-of-the-road? The "Washington Post" set out to determine "the most NORMAL state in the nation" . . . the state that's the most generic American . . . or the state that's most similar to America as a whole. They crunched a bunch of data:  Census variables and demographics . . . including race and religion . . . income . . . education . . . jobs (white-collar, blue-collar, service-sector) [...]

“Portal” Art Installation Shut Down After People Flashed and Mooned Each Other

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This is why we can't have nice things in 2024 . . . A new art installation called "The Portal" opened in New York last week, and an identical one opened in Dublin, Ireland.  Each Portal shows a live feed of the other city.  The idea is to let people connect with each other from an ocean away. But less than a week in, they had to be temporarily shut down . . . after too many people were FLASHING and MOONING each other.  Folks have also been giving each other the finger . . . grinding on the Portal . [...]

Would YOU Want to Leave an A.I. Copy of Yourself When You Die?!?

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This still seems like "future" stuff, so it's a bit scary how fast it's arriving:  A 61-year-old German man named Michael Bommer has terminal cancer . . . and he is leaving behind an A.I. version of himself. He's the first customer for a service called Eternos that creates your own A.I. double.  He's been training an A.I. to act just like him and carry on after he's passed away. You tell it your thoughts and memories, so it learns to mimic your personality, your voice, and can even generate new ideas similar to what you might think up.  They asked [...]

Cajun Seasoning Bandit Leaves a Trail Right To Himself

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This seems like a modern day Hardy Boys case. The perpetrator, a 21-year old man from Pennsylvania named Quasir Stephens, was arrested on burglary charges earlier this month after he left a culinary calling card for the police to decipher. Picture the scene: the police arriving to the crime scene, the apartment destroyed, but curiously the kitchen floor blanketed in Cajun seasoning. A spicy clue, with footprints weaving and winding through the seasoning. The police to wondering why? Further investigation's conducted. The victim receiving a suspicious call, an admission of guilt from Quasir. Leading the police to decide, it's time for [...]

The Top 10 Celebrities Americans Would Like to See Run for President

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2,000 Americans were asked which celebrity they'd like to see run for president.  Surprisingly, The Rock did NOT come in at #1.  Here are the Top 10:   1.  Denzel Washington (15%) 2.  Dwayne Johnson (13%) 3.  Tom Hanks (12%) 4.  Clint Eastwood (10%) 5.  George Clooney (10%) 6.  Oprah Winfrey (9%) 7.  Matthew McConaughey (8%) 8.  Bill Gates (7%) 9.  Elon Musk (7%) 10.  Mark Cuban (7%)   36% said they weren't interested in voting for any celebrity.  At least not any on the long list they were asked to choose from.

A Man Got a DUI for Cruising Down the Highway on a Lawnmower

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A 64-year-old man in Georgia named Willie Laguines was arrested for DUI . . . and it was pretty obvious. He was having trouble staying on the highway . . . the police actually SAW him drinking from a beer can . . . oh, and he was driving a LAWN MOWER. The cops asked him what he was doing, and he said he went to a convenience store to get beer . . . and he was on his way home.  He said it took him about 15 minutes to drive to the convenience store on the mower. He was [...]

America’s Most Misunderstood Sayings Include “Gnarly,” “Dirty Bird,” and “Right Out Straight”

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If you know all of these, you moved around a lot as a kid . . . A new study ranked the most misunderstood sayings from across the U.S.  For example, "yinz" is Pennsylvania's version of y'all.  But a third of Americans thought it was just a made-up word that didn't mean anything.  (???) Here are the 10 most misunderstood sayings from across the U.S. 1.  "Taverns" in South Dakota.  They're a type of sandwich similar to sloppy joes.   2.  "Right out straight" in Maine.  It means you're really busy.  People who aren't from Maine thought it meant you're telling the [...]

Senior Prank: A Principal Was Followed Around By a Bagpiper

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Security is so tight at schools across the country that it MUST make senior pranks a big challenge.  But apparently, a BAGPIPE PLAYER isn't suspicious enough to get stopped at the door. Students at a high school in Illinois pulled a senior prank on their principal, Mr. Robison, last week . . . by hiring a bagpiper named Scott Whitman to follow him around.  He serenaded Mr. Robison through the halls for a full 60 minutes. The students admitted the bagpiper was their "Plan B" after they initially tried to hire a mariachi band . . . but that was out [...]

The Worst Time to Drive for Memorial Day . . . Is Probably the Time You Want to Hit the Road

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If you're planning a road trip for Memorial Day weekend, you should know that EVERYONE is planning a road trip for Memorial Day. Triple-A says that this Memorial Day weekend, 43.8 million Americans are expected travel at least 50 miles.  That's up 4% from last year . . . and it's close to the all-time record of 44 million, which was set in May of 2005. 3.5 million people are expected to fly, which is up 5% from last year . . . and Triple-A says, "THIS Memorial Day will be the busiest at airports since 2005." If you're DRIVING, they [...]

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