Museum Employee Fired for Hanging Up His Own Painting

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I'd tell this guy "don't quit your day job," but he doesn't have one now.  A museum in Germany announced they had to fire an employee after he hung up one of his OWN paintings in their modern art section. He's 51 and described as a former "technician" at the museum.  They say he was hoping it might help him break through as an artist. It happened on February 23rd.  He went in after hours and hung the four-foot painting on an empty wall alongside works by people like Andy Warhol. They haven't said much else, or if his painting was any [...]

PetSmart Wants to Cover Your Worst Tattoos . . . with New Ink of Your Pet

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If you have tattoos that are over a decade old . . . you MIGHT have a tattoo that you regret.  A survey says 49% of people have a tattoo they don't like, or know someone who does. PetSmart announced a new contest, where five lucky winners will win a FREE tattoo.  The idea is that you are covering up an old tattoo that you now regret with a new tattoo . . . of your beloved pet. It's called "Tattoo Redo" . . . and they'll fly you to L.A. for two nights, and cover your session with a tattoo artist.  [...]

There’s a New, “Less Intimidating” Version of “Scrabble”?

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ou know you're a Gen Z'er when you like "Scrabble", but you think it's too hard . . . "too intimidating" . . . and uncomfortably competitive.  (???) The makers of "Scrabble" say that younger folks find the game to be TOO INTENSE . . . so they have just released a new version, which is supposed to be more "collaborative" and "accessible." It's called "Scrabble Together", and it's a lot different.  In this version, players TEAM UP to complete mutual goals . . . like:  "Play a word containing two of the same consonant," "play a word containing at least two different vowels," and "complete [...]

What’s the Grossest Thing Your Partner Does . . . But You Accept?

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Do you have to deal with a partner picking their nose . . . without even trying to be discreet about it?  Do they bite their nails?  Are they one of those people who "forgets" to flush the toilet? People on social media are talking about the GROSSEST things their partner does . . . that they've just come to accept . . . and there were some fun ones.   1.  "He picks his teeth with the point of a knife.  It's not really gross . . . but the sound of metal against teeth makes me cringe."   2.  [...]

Fly or Drive??? Which Do You Prefer When It Comes To Vacation Traveling??

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Would your ideal vacation include a short flight, or a somewhat long drive?  A poll found 73% of Americans prefer to road-trip it when possible.   The average person has been on 16 road trips in their life.  Here are the five best parts of one, according to the poll . . .   1.  Seeing new landscapes and scenery. 2.  Listening to music on the RADIO.  (We lost to STUPID NATURE???) 3.  Getting a break from your routine. 4.  You just really like driving.  25% agreed with that. 5.  A tie between "trying local food along the way" and "getting to [...]

A Woman Got a Speeding Ticket While Her Van Was on a Tow Truck

2024-04-09T13:51:24-05:00April 9th, 2024|Categories: KARL, KARZ, KKCK, KMHL|

Have you ever tried to fight a speeding ticket?  Good luck!  This lady might have a case though . . . A grandmother in East Cleveland, Ohio named Joann Gibson recently got two tickets in the mail for doing 27 in a 20-mile-per-hour zone.  The fine was $105.  But the weird part is, she wasn't driving.  And there's proof. An automated traffic camera handed out the ticket . . . and the footage clearly shows her car hooked up to a TOW TRUCK when it happened.  (Here's a photo.) The truck driver was the one speeding, but the camera scanned Joann's plate and [...]

Eclipse Day Round-Up: “My Eyes Hurt” Top-Trending Google Search

2024-04-09T13:50:10-05:00April 9th, 2024|Categories: KARL, KKCK, KMHL|

  Did you see the solar eclipse yesterday?  Hopefully not by staring straight into it, which a lot of people DID DO, apparently.  Here's a quick round-up of nonsense from yesterday's eclipse. . . 1.  Google searches for "my eyes hurt" skyrocketed right after the eclipse ended.  They peaked around 3:20 P.M., just as the eclipse was maxing out on the East Coast. Searches for "Why do my eyes hurt?" were also up.  Answer:  Because you just stared at the sun, dummy.  (Here's a screenshot.)   2.  If you DID stare at the eclipse, "The Weather Channel" posted a list of symptoms to look out for, [...]

A Man Didn’t Want to Pay Child Support . . . So He Tried Faking His Own Death

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If you watch enough movies, it may seem reasonable to "fake your own death" to get out of any problems you're dealing with.  But there's a LOT more to it than NEVER BEING SEEN again. A 39-year-old man in Kentucky named Jesse Kipf has just admitted to attempting to fake his own death . . . and he gave it a LOT of effort. He'd accessed the Hawaii death registry system . . . using the details of a doctor living in another state . . . and created a case for his own death.  He assigned himself as the "medical [...]

Men Are Better Off on Dating Apps . . . When They Mention “Long Walks on the Beach”?

2024-04-08T15:00:38-05:00April 8th, 2024|Categories: KARL, KARZ, KKCK, KMHL|

There's a new study out on dating apps that claims men are making a HUGE mistake on their profiles:  They're talking about SPORTS too much.  (Men . . . talking about sports . . . you don't say!) There's nothing wrong with listing hobbies like playing or watching sports, or sharing sports-related anecdotes on dates if that's what you're interested in. But if you're trying to stand-out to a potential partner, you should include a DIVERSE set of hobbies and interests, including ones that might appeal more to another person, or that you'd like to do WITH that other person. According to [...]

A Man Claims a Hotel’s Staff Used His Toothbrush to Clean the Bathroom?

2024-04-08T14:48:30-05:00April 8th, 2024|Categories: KARZ, KKCK, KMHL|

A man on TikTok has a HOTEL HACK for you:  Don't leave your toothbrush out . . . if you don't want the staff using YOUR toothbrush to clean the bathrooms.  (???) A man named Lavell Jackson says that he recently stayed at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, and the staff used his toothbrush to clean the bathroom. How did he know?  He says, "As soon as it hit my mouth, I yanked it out.  The brushes were just crazy soft.  All outside brushes were pushed out, and the inside brushes were all over the place . . . it was very [...]

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