Ashley Judd Remembers Finding Her Mother After Her Suicide

When Naomi Judd took her own life in 2022, it was her daughter Ashley who found her.  And she spoke about that on the new episode of the “All In with Anderson Cooper” podcast.

She called it “traumatic, but added, quote, “I’m so glad I was there, because even when I walked in that room and I saw that she had harmed herself, the first thing out of my mouth was, ‘Mama, I see how much you’ve been suffering.'”

Ashley held Naomi in her bed after finding her.  And she told her, quote, “All was forgiven long ago.  Leave it all here.  Take nothing with you.  Just be free.”

(Here’s a clip.  You can listen to the whole podcast here.  Anderson also talks about the brother he lost to suicide.)

(NBC News)