A 64-year-old man in Georgia named Willie Laguines was arrested for DUI . . . and it was pretty obvious.

He was having trouble staying on the highway . . . the police actually SAW him drinking from a beer can . . . oh, and he was driving a LAWN MOWER.

The cops asked him what he was doing, and he said he went to a convenience store to get beer . . . and he was on his way home.  He said it took him about 15 minutes to drive to the convenience store on the mower.

He was blitzed at the time.  The cops say his breath smelled like alcohol, and he threw an empty beer can on the ground, right in front of the cops.

Willie WAS together enough to realize he should NOT be driving a lawnmower.  He asked the deputies “to give him another chance” because “he had been in this situation previously.”

He said he was hit by a car earlier this year while riding a lawnmower on the road.  (Yes!  Cut me some slack for NOT learning my lesson.)  (???)

He was arrested and charged with DUI and having an open container, plus he was hit with a low-speed vehicle violation.