Some people don’t want to do acupuncture because they’re scared of needles.  Well, now there’s something else to be worried about.

A healthcare provider in Iowa who specializes in acupuncture is in trouble . . . because after they inserted the needles, they ran back home for a bit . . . fell asleep . . . and COMPLETELY FORGOT about the patient.

The patient waited about two hours after the session was supposed to end . . . then pulled the needles out themselves and called the police.

The worker’s name is  Xiaodong “Dave” Wang.  He won’t face any ACTUAL charges, but he might lose his medical license.  The state board of medicine has fined him $500 . . . and his license is up for renewal this year.

The patient wasn’t hurt, just . . . confused.

Someone online heard this story, and said it reminded them of a Dutch insurance company commercial from 2006. We’re assuming that person IS Dutch, because why would they know this? In the ad, a healthcare worker puts acupuncture needles into a patient … and then discovers there’s a FIRE in the building. They storm out to safety, leaving the patient behind. The patient looks out a window, and firefighters have set up a giant air cushion, and are yelling at the guy to JUMP. But remember: his body is covered with needles. It’s amusing. Here’s the spot.

(Des Moines Register)