We’ve seen people get back together again, even after a divorce.  But I don’t think you’re bouncing back from this . . .


A guy in central Pennsylvania is facing charges after he stole his father-in-law’s LIFE SAVINGS and went on a spending spree.


The son-in-law is 29-year-old Andrew Booker.  He’s from Altoona, about halfway between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg.


Last February, he called the cops to report a break-in, and claimed someone stole his father-in-law’s safe with $2 MILLION inside.


They were immediately suspicious.  So they kept an eye on him and noticed he started making some large purchases shortly after the theft.


Even though he’d been unemployed, he managed to buy new ATVs and a brand-new Harley.  He’d also go buy stuff for $30, pay with a hundred, and tell them to keep the change.


He always paid in cash, and that turned out to be his undoing.  His father-in-law had been saving up for decades, and most of the money was in older-style bills.  Employees at the stores confirmed he used old bills, and said they smelled musty.


Turns out Andrew and his wife were in the middle of a divorce when all this went down.  And he used a bunch of the money to “take care” of his new girlfriend.


He got arrested last month for theft and a bunch of other charges.  His new girlfriend also got arrested, because it turned out she knew where the money came from.


Thankfully, it sounds like police will be able to recover most of it.  But in under a year, he blew through at least $140,000.




(Here’s his mugshot.)