If you’re originally from Philly . . . well, actually, YOU’RE NOT.  At least not according to Facebook and Instagram the past few days.

A weird glitch removed “Philadelphia” as an option last week.  People noticed it wasn’t their “hometown” anymore, and they couldn’t add it back in either.

If you tried to add Philadelphia as your hometown or current city, your only options were things like Philadelphia, Mississippi.  The only choice in Pennsylvania was the small town of New Philadelphia, about 90 miles outside the city.

It affected businesses too.  Their address on Instagram didn’t have the city anymore and just listed the street number.

Philly folks immediately started blasting Mark Zuckerberg for HATING on them.  Others joked the city was being renamed or repossessed by the federal government.

The good news is it looks like the issue may have been resolved.  (We were able to find Philadelphia as an option again when we checked this morning.)

So if you’re a proud Philadelphian, breathe a sigh of relief.  You can stop hating on Facebook . . . and go back to hating on New Yorkers like usual.

(Philadelphia Inquirer / Philly Mag)