Do you ever fight this battle at work:  You think you’d get more done if your desk was organized . . . but also, you have zero interest in organizing your desk?

In a survey, 84% of people say they feel more productive if their workspace is organized, whether that’s at an office . . . a workshop . . . a retail setting . . . an operating room . . . or working remotely at home.

For remote workers, 59% like to work from a desk at their home, while 18% “change spots” throughout the day . . . 17% work from their dining room . . . and 16% typically work in bed.  (So if you want an organized workplace, does that mean you neatly TUCK YOURSELF IN while working?)  (???)

Only 40% of workers say they’re “very satisfied” with their workplace.  For the others, most would like more space . . . some would like better office furniture . . . and some would like it to be less cluttered.

And this is interesting:  Over HALF of the people in the survey said they’d describe themselves as “professionally organized,” but personally chaotic . . . so things are more of a mess at home and in their personal lives.

(PR Newswire)