If your idea of “spending qualty time outside” is walking 100 feet up to a Starbucks, rather than going through a drive-thru . . . there’s a reason you don’t feel revived every day.

According to a new poll, the average American needs to spend 67 MINUTES outside each day in order to feel refreshed.  (Which would be like walking four miles to a Starbucks.)

That’s easy enough right now . . . when it’s getting warmer out, but not TOO hot.  It’s a real struggle to get those 67 minutes in when it’s January in the Midwest.  Or July in Arizona.

How do they define “feeling refreshed?”  About 2 in 3 people say being outside relaxes them . . . puts them in a better mood . . . and helps them clear their head.

And being cooped up inside too much can deepen feelings of depression . . . anxiousness . . . and loneliness.