The next person to TP someone’s house with more than 100 pounds of toilet paper will officially be able to say:  “This is the greatest prank . . . since SLICED BREAD.”


A man in Nevada had a big mystery on his hands recently.  More than 100 pounds of packaged, sliced bread was dumped on his property last Monday . . . and he had NO IDEA where it came from, or what it was doing there.


It’s not a house . . . it’s a funeral casket supplier, which made it a little creepier.  The bread was Kroger brand and it WAS expired.  Some of it had mold, but most of it looked fine.


Some of the loaves were in boxes, but a lot of it was loose in plastic packaging, around his dumpster area.


The man was confused . . . and CONCERNED . . . so he actually poked around, hoping that nobody was KILLED AND BURIED IN IT.


He does work in the casket business, and he said, “It’s Las Vegas.  They found bodies in barrels at the lake, maybe one was in the bread.”


He called local grocery stores and Kroger, and no one had any idea what happened, or where the bread may have come from.


Eventually, he cracked the case.  A distributor came forward and said they contracted a driver to handle that route, and that he dumped it because he was mad, and “didn’t want to go through the process of returning it.”


The driver called the news station anonymously . . . and said that the representatives tell drivers to dump the unsold bread off at churches and non-profits, and if they can’t find anyone to give it to, they should dump it anywhere.  He wasn’t being paid for that . . . so he just dumped it where he did.


The thing is:  It IS a crime . . . and the business owner would have been responsible for it since it happened on their property.  But the bread is gone now, so it sounds like someone helped the guy out.